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Want to make it to the pros and test your skills against the toughest and most skilled hockey players? Control your own destiny, gaining attributes and honing your skills to become the best player on the ice. You control your team. You build your own dynasty.

Hockey Rival is a hockey simulation game that allows you to take one player card, perfect your skills to become the most dominant player on the ice, and build an entire team. Collect as many cards as you can, building up their attributes and skills through both practice and games.

Our hockey simulation games gives you complete control over your team. You have become the general manager, head coach, and player. Now is your chance to start your legacy. If you start off slow, continue to practice and gain speed, aggressiveness, endurance, durability, and more attributes.

What does Hockey Rival Have to Offer as a Premier Hockey Simulation Gaming Platform?

Obtain Player Cards
Increase Player Attributes
Equipment Upgrades
1v1 Challenges
Recorded Stats
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Create Your Own Hockey Franchise

Practice makes perfect. Continue to practice and get ready for the matchups. You’ll face-off against another player, going head to head in an attempt to further your skills and improve your player card.

The beauty of Hockey Rival’s ultimate simulation game is you can play it from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re on your smartphone or tablet, or on a desktop, the strategy, practice, and growth never stops.

We release upgrades, bonuses, and interactive content every week so you can grow your player cards quicker and more efficiently. We all want to be center ice, but sometimes we have to put the goalie pads on first and make sure our team is able to keep the puck out of the net.

Visit our card shop to purchase attributes and stay ahead of your competition. It’s a battle for the ultimate dynasty. From day one, you’re looking at other player’s skillsets, watching their progressions and trying to keep up. The simulation game is easy to play, addicting for some, and offers bragging rights with your friends.

Deposit money to get a head start on your competition. You’ll earn funds for every win, and lose funds for every loss. Starting with $10,000, you can use your money to purchase pucks, attributes, energy, and cards.

Do you have the dedication and expertise to develop a winning team? It starts with one player on our hockey simulation game. From there, it increases to multiple cards and a complete team to provide you a unique experience.

Look out for our mobile app, coming soon to Android and iOS. The best and first hockey simulation game is here. Come join our community.

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Game Updates

1/8/16 - Updates (1.4): New alerts created. Interactive elements have been added into the game.

1/6/16 - Updates (1.3): New card was added, limited edition. Grab it before it is too late! Altered 1v1 system.

1/5/16 - Updates (1.2): Referrals, Team Daily Bonus' and some fine tweeking to 1v1 is now released! Send us suggestions in LIVE chat!

1/4/16 - Released: We officially started our BETA program for users to sign up and start playing, invite your friends!

Upcoming Game Updates

Scheduled Team Games: Teams will have scheduled games and users will be able to view the game logs to see what happen during those games. - 0% completed.

How to Play Write Up: We know all you new players may have specific quesitons on each page and wonder how you play. We're almost ready to inform everyone on how to play! - 100% completed.

Android App: With push notifications to in-app purchases we will be releasing an Android App for our Hockey Simulation Game. - 10% completed.

Assign Your Own Attribute Points: We want to keep this game customizeable as we grow. - 0% completed.

Team Revenue, Attendance and Morale: We will be creating it so teams will have more features. - 0% completed.

Deciding Factors Q&A: You will have to make decisions for your player cards and create new outcomes for your careers - 100% completed.